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Free Guitar Tabs

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Guitar tabs are just about the easiest way to learn how to play specific songs. They are also just a great tool for learning guitar, period. Before the internet if you wanted to find guitar tabs for a song you had to purchase big bulky books that, often times, also had a bunch of guitar tabs that you didn’t even really care about.

Now days, though, you can find tons of guitar tabs free online! Below are my favorite go-to places when I’m searching for guitar tabs:

Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar is the mack daddy of guitar tab websites. They have zillions of user-contributed tabs. You’re almost guaranteed to find exactly the song you’re looking for. They also offer a lot of other cool stuff like tools, interviews and lessons. They also have a very handy smartphone app that makes it easy to find tabs on the go.

They also have a very, very useful mobile app for iPhone and Android. is another great resource for guitar tabs. They don’t offer any additional bells and whistles like Ultimate Guitar, but if it’s purely tabs you’re looking for, you’re sure to find them all here.

911 Tabs

This is another top-notch guitar tab site that I use on an almost daily basis. These don’t just stop at guitar tabs. They also offer drum and piano tabs! One incredibly cool feature that makes these guys an very easy option to use is their integrated browser toolbar.

There you have it. My top three places online to find free guitar tabs. Now, go learn some damn songs already!

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