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Infinite Guitar Lessons Review

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In brief, Infinite Guitar is an extremely affordable option for learning guitar online with multiple payment options. They have an impressive roster of pro instructors and many nice features, such as:

  • Interactive tablature: Play, loop, temp control, metronome
  • Lesson Tracking: Mark lessons as complete and track progress
  • “Watch Later” list: Bookmark lessons easily
  • Lesson search: The most advanced lesson search on the planet
  • Backing tracks: Download, loop, customize audio player
  • Guitar pro files: Download GP files with most lessons
  • Software tools: Advanced metronome and chord finder
  • Left-handed: Flip alL images and video horizontally!


“I have always wanted to play guitar. Not learn it, just play it. My first experience (with Guitar Tricks) was amazing. Within a few minutes I was playing a song on my guitar.”
-Phil S. (Guitar Tricks)


“I’ve been playing and teaching guitar for 20 years now, I wish Jamplay had existed when I started! It’s one of the best site when it comes to learn guitar online.”
-Gianca (JamPlay)


“Since becoming a Full Access member at Infinite Guitar, I can honestly say it’s been the single best choice I’ve made this year! As a guitar player, I know I’m learning from the best.”
-Billy C. (Infinite Guitar)

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