JamPlay Guitar Lessons Review

Guitar Lessons from World Class Teachers

JamPlay has established itself as the leading provider of online video guitar lessons. They have OVER 2,000 HD video guitar lessons available by over 50 instructors. Not only can you access a vast amount pre-recorded video lessons but they also host daily live video lessons as well!

Thanks to their vast arsenal of video lessons they are very well-suited to beginning guitarists who need to learn absolutely everything or the veteran who simply wants to expand their knowledge and explore something new. You can find lessons based on style, genre, or specific skill. You can even learn guitar in the style of famous players like Clapton, Hendrix, Satriani, Vai, and others!

JamPlay is easy and affordable to join at only $19.95 / month, but for extra savings (up to $100!) and access to their specialized Guitarist Toolkits you can opt for an annually paid membership:




One Year at JamPlay

Select 1 Guitar Toolkit

One Year at JamPlay

Select 3 Guitar Toolkits

10 Ownership Credits

One Year at JamPlay

All 7 Guitar Toolkits

25 Ownership Credits

1-on-1 Consultation

JamPlay 50/50 Shirt

Guitarist Toolkits

As mentioned above, all JamPlay plans come with access to at least one of their Toolkits. What are JamPlay Toolkits? Toolkits are collections of specialized content and lessons geared toward 7 specific methods and styles of playing guitar.

Ownership Credits

The PLUS and PRO membership plans come with what JamPlay calls “Ownership Credits”. These allow members to download any lessons they’d like to own forever, even if they cancel their membership. This also means that owned lessons will available offline to use if no Internet connection is available.


“I have always wanted to play guitar. Not learn it, just play it. My first experience (with Guitar Tricks) was amazing. Within a few minutes I was playing a song on my guitar.”
-Phil S. (Guitar Tricks)


“I’ve been playing and teaching guitar for 20 years now, I wish Jamplay had existed when I started! It’s one of the best site when it comes to learn guitar online.”
-Gianca (JamPlay)


“Since becoming a Full Access member at Infinite Guitar, I can honestly say it’s been the single best choice I’ve made this year! As a guitar player, I know I’m learning from the best.”
-Billy C. (Infinite Guitar)

Online Guitar Lessons


$19.95 / Month + Annual Discount Options



  • Unique specialized Toolkits
  • Multiple membership options
  • Live lessons


  • No free account available